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Welcome! Make Yourself At Home

Thanks for visiting! Please take an opportunity to plug into the RSS feed so you can keep up with all the latest economic wit. In return, this is what you can expect from us…

What is is a we[b log] delivering economic views in a fresh, contemporary style. We’ll have fun with current events and try to learn something in the process. It’s economics with a twist.

Economics in Technicolor!

At, the designation of the dismal science will not stand! The way we see it, the more everyday people understand about the economic world they’re in, the better off we’ll all be. But rather then getting a monotone financial prospectus, we’ll dive into markets and economic principles with a style and panache previously dedicated to the lighter sides of life.

Laughter is the Best Policy

We’re not doctors here but science tells us there’s something to this laughter thing. Laughs release infection fighting antibodies, change body chemistry, and relieve distressing emotions that are linked to heart disease. We’ll provide the smiles and laughter as you enjoy your health nirvana – even if your insurance premiums rise. Next we can begin lobbying for that honorary doctorate.

What is Economics?

Economics is the allocation of scarce resources. Economics is not exclusively about money which opens the door to some of the fun we’ll have! Scarcity implies that the resources at our fingertips cannot satisfy all wants and needs so we must allocate them in the best way possible.

Curiosity is King!

Don’t quite know what the above tabs are dedicated to? Then click on one! encourages intellectual curiousity!


Please do interact with our content at Tell a writer he or she is desperately wrong, submit a clarifying question, or spar with other site members. We want to hear your take! Utilize the “Share This” feature at the bottom of each post to spread the love. Articles can be shared through social networking sites or easily emailed to a friend or family member who may be amused.

Who is Ryan Swift? is the brainchild of Ryan Swift, an entrepreneur from Oregon. Ryan believes that fun is the key to living a balanced life; the serious part seems to run us down without any trouble! Ryan operates this website from home and various café’s with the intent of living a mobile lifestyle.

Ryan looks forward to hearing your thoughts. He created this community as a platform to share his ideas as they relate to economics. Please contact him via social networking sites with suggestions, responses, and encouragement. Become an active community member and comment on posts. Also, utilize the “Share This” feature underneath each post and page. If a piece brought a smile to your face, share the wealth with friends and family who may be amused. Let’s invite people to this economic oasis!

Throughout pages and posts on, readers may run into the phrase “Go Ducks” in oddly placed situations. That’s okay. Ryan is a lifelong Oregon Duck and University of Oregon alum. The expression is a greeting, a response, a way of life.

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Gracing the University of Oregon campus, my alma mater

Gracing the University of Oregon campus, my alma mater. Here we go Ducks!

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