Complete Whimsy, Obama Says

Swift Wits: Obama Loving Goes Off the Deep End

After 9 months on the job, Obama is celebrated for his peaceful policies? Curious indeed.

After a mere 9 months on the job, Obama is celebrated for his peaceful policies?

Obama Wins Nobel Prize

Sometimes there’s just nothing to say. There is simply no way to put into words how ridiculous it is that Barack Obama, some nine months after he became president, has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. This is, after all, the same guy that is escalating the war in Afghanistan! It would probably actually make more sense if they gave him the Nobel War Prize.

Then again, Alfred Nobel, whom the prize is named after, became famous for inventing dynamite. And previous winners of the Nobel Peace Prize include such peaceful men as Yasser Arafat, Henry Kissinger and Woodrow Wilson. So perhaps, Barack is right at home.

In all seriousness, though, the thing is a complete joke. The application had to be in by February 1st, at that time Obama had only been in office for 12 days! CNN hypothesized that, basically, he was given the award because he wasn’t George Bush. All the more ironic since Obama’s policies have been very similar to Bush’s. It’s all just more mindless hero worship from the left. Perhaps it’s not as bad as Demi Moore saying, “I pledge to be a servant to my president,” but it’s certainly mindless hero worship on a grander scale.

Luckily, as Saturday Night Live pointed out, while Obama has spent a lot of money, he hasn’t actually accomplished much of anything yet. Which is, in my humble opinion, the best case he has for the Nobel Prize:

England: Babysitting Apparently Requires a Permit

As crazy as things have gotten here in the states, those on the other side of the pond have gone even crazier. Apparently it requires a permit to babysit your friend’s children nowadays. According to the Guardian:

“Someone ā€“ apparently a neighbour ā€“ anonymously reported that detective constable Leanne Shepherd, who has a two-year-old daughter Edie, had a reciprocal childcare arrangement with her job share partner and friend DC Lucy Jarrett, who also has a toddler, Amy, aged three.

“After an unannounced visit from Ofsted established this was indeed the case, the two families were ordered to stop the arrangement forthwith as neither was registered as a childcare provider with the appropriate authorities.”

Yes, these two sinister women were attempting to profit from the underground childcare economy…truly devious indeed. Now, I’m sure all of these rules were put in with the best of intentions, but this is how it goes; they usually end up causing more harm than good. Babysitting permits is an absurd case when regulation gets out of hand, but all regulation curtails our freedom, and much of it reduces economic output. Some may make us a little safer or abbreviate some excesses in the economy, but we have to be very careful about it. Economist Walter E. Williams had a great video on this topic, it’s old, but worth checking out.

Victory for School Choice

It’s been a rough decade and a really rough year for anyone who supports economic freedom. Luckily, there are a few good things happening in between the bailouts, nationalizations, stimulus packages, wars, increased regulations, quantitative easing, etc. On August 25th, Los Angeles passed a referendum making some 250 public schools eligible to become charter schools. It’s about time we weakened the public school monopoly and injected some much needed competition into our education system. Something to finally smile about:

Oh yeah, and We Bombed the Moon

I guess we ran out of countries


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