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Tom Woods Referencing SwiftEconomics on Nullification?

Swift Economics may be having some influence. The popular libertarian site gave my essay on nullification and civil disobedience a nice little shout out about three weeks ago and it appears two-time New York Times bestselling author Tom Woods (who often writes for, has taken notice. In a recent interview with Wisconsin Public Radio, he said the following:

…[Nullification] is a form of civil disobedience with a twist. The twist being that it is the state, a state government that is sanctioning the disobedience and in effect saying ‘we are going to shield our people from any consequences of their disobedience.’

Sounds like a very Swiftian argument to me (which I hadn’t heard him make in earlier interviews). Furthermore, he had this to say in one of his recent articles:

[Randy] Barnett is right about the Supreme Court: the justices aren’t going to like nullification. But if we conceive of nullification in the twenty-first century as a species of civil disobedience sanctioned by a state government, what does it matter? Nullification involves the refusal to sanction unconstitutional edicts from whatever quarter they may come.

It’s nice to know we’re having some influence (at least possibly). And make sure to check out Tom’s most recent book, Nullification , available now. The full interview is below; he references civil disobedience at 5:48:

Furthermore, Peter Schiff is having a one million dollar money bomb today. If you need a reason to support him, see here. And I know times are tough, but please offer a contribution, no matter how small:


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