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Did the Media Forget to Remind Us How Racist We Are?

Keith Olbermann—a sort of modern day Aristotle mixed with a shade of John Locke and a touch of Thomas Aquinas—once proclaimed upon high that “prejudice and discrimination still sit somewhere, defeated, dormant or virulent, in the soul of each white man in this country.” I didn’t know this about myself, but Keith let me know otherwise. A special shout out goes to white women for not being racist.

Unfortunately for those non-racist white women, they just happened to be hoodwinked into joining their super-racist white men in a bunch of “Tea Party” protests. In fact, the vast majority of those at the Tea Party’s were white. Keith Olbermann—using the intellectual curiosity of Albert Einstein and the intellectual courage of Gallileo—decided that the whiteness of these rallies meant that they were racist… deductive reasoning at its absolute finest.

Much of the media agreed… which is good, because racism is bad. But then Keith Olbermann must have took a break from his righteous vigilance and the rest of the media apparently did as well. You see, two other white men, Jon Stewart (OK, he’s Jewish, but that’s basically white) and Stephen Colbert had a rally. These men are racist, because Keith Olbermann told me so. The rally was to “Restore Sanity and/or Fear.” Sanity is a code word for white and Fear is a code word for black I think.

And then guess what? Just about everyone who showed up was white:




OK, I typically like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart (which probably just makes me that much more racist). I also, while supporting many of their fiscal views, think the whole Tea Party Protests have been basically hijacked by the neoconservative right. But what’s fair is fair. If the Tea Parties are racist, so are the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fearers. And since the media won’t report on these bigots, I will.

Indeed, any long time reader of this blog knows I think this country is heading downhill fast (economically, see here, politically, see here and culturally, see here), but the hyperbole and name calling has simply gotten ridiculous. Whether it’s Keith Olbermann calling some rather moderate Senate candidate a racist, sexist supporter of child molestation or Glenn Beck discussing the evil nature of all progressives while simultaneously touting the greatness of Martin Luther King Jr. (a pretty obvious progressive if there ever was one) it just becomes tiring. And yes, I know, I’m at fault, too, and will continue to be at fault without trying particularly hard to stop being at fault.

But at least both the right and left are guilty. Just some, such as Keith Olbermann, are more guilty. Even those Restorers of our Collective Sanity People posing as “moderates,” are more than capable of spewing out a bunch of nonsensical hyperbolic nonsense, as this ReasonTV video shows, :

The “_ Are Comparable To The NAZI’s” poster made me smile.


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