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Who Is Your Favorite Economist?

Economists are famous for being wrong. As they say, economists have forecasted nine out of the last five recessions. Some, however, are more lucid than others. Many of us continue to seek out voices that illuminate rather then conceal the truth. The distribution of scarce resources is at stake. So for all of those econ aficionados out there, it’s time to vote for your all-time favorite economist. I think I’ve assembled a fairly good list of options. If you have somebody else in mind, please comment.

Who is your favorite economist?


Photo Credit (Preview): Texas A&M


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9 thoughts on “Who Is Your Favorite Economist?

  1. jason says:

    i think both professor michael hudson of the university of missouri-kansas city and dr webster tarpley are the most thoughtful, honest, unflinching,and deeply insightful economists working in the field today. they have each called this crisis well beforehand and identified it as a situation created by the elite to enact social engineering policies the public would otherwise reject outright. not to include them on this list is a serious shortcoming.


  2. Andrew says:

    How about doing the same poll but for LEAST favorite economist? I’m guessing Krugman or Bernanke would win hands down.


  3. Eleutheros says:

    Stephen J. Dubner is not an economist, fyi. Also, surprised Frédéric Bastiat doesn’t get a mention given that he directly influenced about half the people on this list.


    • You are correct. My mistake. Dubner is actually a journalist who most know worked with Steven Levitt (an economist) on the Freakonomics franchise. You could consider Dubner some kind of hybrid journalist/economist. Certainly with his experience working in the economics discipline and with Levitt, the man thinks and talks like an economist.


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