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Who Is Your Least Favorite Economist?

At the behest of a reader I have formulated a new poll — a compliment to our last poll which tried to determine the favorite economist of Swift Economics  followers (or should I refer to you as Clones like Jim Rome?). So far, free marketers, Austrians, and supporters of liberty are dominating the poll, which isn’t too surprising. The current top ten favorite economists are as follows:

1. Milton Friedman (17.98%)

T2. Friedrich Hayek (10.11%)

T2. Peter Schiff (10.11%)

4. Ludwig von Mises (7.87%)

5. Murray Rothbard (6.74%) 

6. Adam Smith (6.74%)

T7. Henry Hazlitt (5.62%) 

T7. Paul Krugman (5.62%)

T9. John Maynard Keynes (4.49%)

T9. David Ricardo (4.49%)

T9. Thomas Sowell (4.49%)

While Keynes and Krugman are dominating public policy, they are not winning over the hearts and minds of Swift Economics  faithful. So now I must pose the next question: who is your least favorite economist? If you would, please provide a pithy reasoning for your choice in the comment section, or perhaps a quote or link showcasing their immortal misguidance.

Who is your least favorite economist?


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3 thoughts on “Who Is Your Least Favorite Economist?

  1. Eleutheros says:

    I voted for John Maynard Keynes. It was not because I think he is/was the worst economist on the list, and I do think he was a brilliant man. However, it has been his words that have given bureaucrats the excuse to spend us into oblivion and put us in the mess we are in right now.


  2. Andrew says:

    I voted for Karl Marx. While Marx accurately predicted many things about capitalism, such as the growing gap between rich and poor, some of his writings have been used to prop up totalitarian governments that murdered tens of millions of people. I believe Marx was a brilliant man who would have abhorred the atrocities of the 20th Century, but nevertheless choose to use my vote in support of those harmed by his failed prediction of pending revolution.


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