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The Best TSA Parodies

I’ve done a bit of flying this year and needless to say, I’ve had to deal with the TSA more than I would like. Some long lines, a few naked-pics-producing, cancer-creating body scans, as well as one overly-friendly pat down followed by the words “huh, I don’t know what they saw” later, and I have to agree with the criticism they’ve been getting.

So I’ve collected three of the best parodies of the TSA I could find. First is by Remy performing for Reason TV, who was previously seen rapping about the debt ceiling:

Next, we move onto to some Thanksgiving advice from the real king of late night: Conan O’Brien. I warn you, this is a bit disturbing:

 And then of course, there’s SNL:

Screw you TSA.

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