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Gallup: Ron Paul Polling Only Two Points Behind Barack Obama

The media keeps telling us there is a new top tier in the race for the Republican nomination: Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, and relative newcomer Rick Perry. It’s so nice of them to narrow the field for us six and a half months before the Iowa Caucus, declaring who is electable. What is so hard about letting an election process play itself out organically? (Or covering it honestly?) Ah yes, a lot of political corporatism, cronyism, and bureaucracy to protect.

A newly published Gallup poll shows Ron Paul is only two percentage points behind President Obama, the same gap that separates Mitt Romney from Obama. Representative Paul clearly gets a lot of traction with the American public. It is a sad commentary the media can’t get themselves to admit it.

Photo Credit (Preview): Gage Skidmore


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One thought on “Gallup: Ron Paul Polling Only Two Points Behind Barack Obama

  1. Josh says:

    Thanks for posting the Gallup poll and not the Rasmussen because it shows more than most GOP are neck and neck with Obama (not Michelle), including Ron Paul. But It will be hard for him to get the nomination.


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