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Top Ten Economics Blogs


10. The Money Illusion

A blog on “the endlessly perplexing problem of monetary policy.” Well written and updated frequently. Check it out.

9. Marginal Revolution

A wide-ranging blog by the pro-Fed, libertarian leaning Tyler Cowen.

8. Beat the Press

My favorite liberal’s blog, Dean Baker, takes on economics, especially corporate welfare and intellectual property laws.

7. Consulting by RPM

Robert Murphy’s libertarian blog’s highlight are his continuous take-downs and debunking of everything Paul Krugman writes. That in itself is worth checking this blog out.

6. Econompicdata

Another liberal economic blog, but with pictures… and graphs… and all sorts of fancy graphics that makes it very entertaining to look at (especially if you have ADHD).

5. Carpe Diem

University of Michigan economics professor Mark Perry takes on all sorts of economic matters in his thought-provoking blog.

4. Cato Unbound

A whole range of authors discuss topics in a great format. Usually someone will make an argument, followed by several other rebuttals and then some counter rebuttals just for good measure.

3. Mises Blog

The folks at take on current events in one of the many features of their great website.

2. Cafe Hayek

Russ Roberts and company take a look at all sorts of economics matters in a blog that’s well worth your time to read.

1. Swift Economics

Easily the greatest blog in the history of the world… and it’s not close.


Honorable Mentions:

Stephan Kinsella

Stephan Kinsella’s libertarian look at economics, especially intellectual property rights.

Grasping Reality

Brad Delong’s Keynesian blog is definitely worth checking out.

Economic Policy Journal

A libertarian look at the economy.

Facts and other Stubborn Things

Daniel Kuehn’s liberal look at the economy.


I probably would have ranked this one higher, but it’s mostly the guys from Cafe Hayek, so it’s a bit repetitive. Still has good stuff, though.

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