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The Media and GOP Politics

The media has crowned Rick Perry and Mitt Romney as the only electable candidates. In last week’s debate at the Reagan Library, MSNBC decided to place their podiums side-by-side, ask them a disproportionately large number of questions, and generally provoke the two. Brian Williams directed the first two questions to Perry and Romney, spinning it into six or seven additions before anyone else got a chance to speak. The media needs to get a grip, certainly. We’re still five months away from the first caucuses and primaries, many people haven’t paid a bit of attention to this dog and pony show yet, and it was but last presidential election cycle when left for dead John McCain managed to grab the Republican nomination. Instead of cable and network news moderating these debates, can we just cut them out and have James Lipton select YouTube submissions at random?

What’s more distressing is that cross-sections of the voting public are influenced by this nonsense. The party that supposedly stands up for liberty, the Constitution, free markets, and Austrian Economics is throwing their weight behind Romney, a man who embraced the individual mandate and RomneyCare in Massachussets, and Perry, a man who supported HillaryCare in the nineties, forced 11 and 12-year-old girls in Texas to be inoculated against human papillomavirus (HPV) by executive order, and more than doubled Texas’ debt as governor. In fact, from 2001 to 2010, the Lone Star State’s debt grew from $13.4 billion to $37.8 billion under Perry, according to the Texas Bond Review Board. That’s an increase of 281 percent. Over the same time, the national debt rose almost 234 percent, with two wars, two tax cuts and stimulus spending. But at least Governor Perry hates cancer.

Is this all the Grand Old Party has to offer? Of course not. In Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Jon Huntsman alone, you get starkly different backgrounds than Perry and Romney. We know the media could give a baker’s f*ck about the other candidates, but will the people cut through the noise and make a decision based on values and record? Hopefully Americans aren’t voting based on who possesses the best hair and jaw line.

All of the PAC money seems to be flowing to the Perry and Romney camps, so grassroots better begin sprouting a bounty for some of these other candidates before they run out of money, another depressing characteristic of our election process.

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