Bad Economies Require Creative Résumés

The United States’ economy has sucked for about four years (as has the world’s economy for the most part) and so there are obviously a lot of people out there looking for a job. Which means employers see a ton of resumes when they have a job opening.

So why does everyone make a boring, boilerplate resume? Maybe that’s because that’s what they told us to do in college, and high school, and on online sites and all the rest. Remember, name and contact info at top followed up by work experience, education, skills, interests, etc. Make it black and white with bullet points, blah, blah, blah.

Well, Business Insider had a very interesting post with 13 “insanely creative” resumes that never failed to land an interview. Here’s one example:

Another resume by Sabrina Saccoccio is laid out like a Facebook profile (wall posts included) and one by Eric Gandhi is laid out like a Google search (a Google search for the most awesome person in the history of the world that is). Check them out, they’re all very interesting and creative… and they all got interviews.

Remember, finding a job is like marketing. In fact, it’s exactly the same, you’re just marketing yourself to a company. And the key in marketing is TO STAND OUT! So quit with the boring resumes people.


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One thought on “Bad Economies Require Creative Résumés

  1. Chanpreet Braich says:

    This works brilliantly for the graphic design industry but not so much for industries that require more formality such as banking/financial services.


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