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Hyperinflation: A Comparison Between Weimar Germany and Post-War Hungary

Back in college I wrote a thesis-lite (a research paper to complete my history minor that I could have expanded into a thesis) comparing the hyperinflation in Germany after World War I and the hyperinflation in Hungary after World War II.

Both were absurd experiences that devastated the economies and led, albeit in different ways, to totalitarian dictatorships (in Germany it weakened the political order and made it easier for the Nazi’s to come to power a decade later during the Great Depression and in Hungary it weakened the country to the point the Soviet Union could easily take it over). Both hyperinflations were of different speed, reacted to differently and ended differently, but both also had some very interesting similarities. Hopefully our money-printing madness doesn’t lead to a similar event in the United States.

Anyways, I decided to post it on this site for free. Please take a look at it for free here.


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