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The Otherside of Corporate Personhood

Corporate personhood is a major enemy of the trendy left along with GMO foods and anything having to do with judging people who aren’t rich, white and male. Indeed, it was the main target of the leftist documentary The Corporation featuring Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein. It’s also been criticized by libertarians.

I’ve been meaning to do a larger piece on this, but I ran across an interesting perspective in defense of corporate personhood (although not necessarily the corporate form, specifically limited liability). The idea is simple, what could the government do to corporations if corporations (or the people that own them in so far as their investment is concerned) had no rights? What if we took this to the level of any company and the local Ma’ and Pa’ corner grocery could be raided and controlled at will by the government? The government would effectively be in control of the entire economy and what does that sound like?

Here is aforementioned piece by  Jim Harper of the Cato Institute discussing privacy and corporate personhood:

Photo from http://people.tribe.net/


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