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New Book! Confessions of Amateur Intellectuals… Only $0.99, Buy it Today!

Ryan and I are back at it. Ryan Swift, the writer of An Economic Zeitgeist and myself, author of Economic Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics have teamed up to put together another book for your reading pleasure: Confessions of Amateur Intellectuals.

We take on a range of issues from the effect of the stimulus package and the deadweight loss of Christmas, to the uselessness of political terminology and why Keith Olbermann and Glenn Beck might as well be brothers. It combines wit and education to enlighten and entertain.

The ebook is only 99 cents, and for $9.99, you can have the hard copy. Remember, reading books is good for you:

To Buy the Ebook, click here: Confessions of Amateur Intellectuals

To Buy the hard copy, click here: Confessions of Amateur Intellectuals

Thank you for supporting the work we do, I hope you enjoy.


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