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DIY Disasters: Part 1

For my real job in the non-cyber world, I invest in real estate (yes, it was a bit hairy circa 2007) in Kansas City. While I’m no fan of licences and permit laws (John Stossel and Walter Williams have a good take down of them here), sometimes, when witnessing the “do it yourself” home fixing abortions I’ve had the errr, pleasure of seeing, well I’m tempted to embrace such laws. You see, I look at a lot of houses, and most of them are fixers. And to make matters even worse, many of them have been “fixed” in the same way that old school doctors “healed”when doing some good ole blood letting. And given all of this, despite my libertarianism, if some up-start congressman tried to push through a law that, say required a license (one that was extremely difficult to get) to use insulating foam… I would support it.

So I’ve decided to put together a project documenting all of these disasters. Let’s start with the foam:


Or how about this:


Sometimes things are done well, they just shouldn’t have been done at all. For example, if you’re looking to break more glass than a wedding season in Israel, this is a good idea:

basketball courta

And sometimes, it just boils down to spelling… oh way to go public schools:


More to come folks. We’re just scratching the surface here, It gets much, much, much worse…


Photo Credit: Liberty Pen 

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