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Are Liberals Really Pro-Choice?

So this is a slightly older piece from ReasonTV that took place during the Democratic National Convention, but it is absolutely hilarious. It seems that liberals have a bit of a bad habit of saying they support things they actually don’t… like you know, science and peace (at least when a Democrat is president). Here Reason tests the theory that liberals are “pro choice.”

Transfat Ban – For – Anti-Choice

Four Loko Ban – For – Anti-Choice

Light bulb Choice – Against – Anti-Choice

Right-to-Work – Against – Anti-Choice

School Choice – Against – Anti-Choice

Abortion – For – PRO-CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess 1 out 6 equals pro-choice. However, if abortion is all about choice, should men get to choose whether to financially support a child they don’t want for 18 years? I suspect there would be little enthusiasm for such choice. Things that make you say ‘hmmm.’

I should note I could extend this list quite a long ways and will probably do so in the near future.


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