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DIY Disasters: Part 4

This installment is all one house and could probably better be titled as “Why Meth is Bad, Kids” or perhaps “Meth and Useless, Free Wooden Crates You Can Tear Apart For Scrap Don’t Mix.”

When we bought this house and started remodeling it, the neighbor asked what we were doing. My response was “pretty much a complete gut job.” To which he replied, “that surprises me, the former owner was working on that house all day and night.”

Yeah, I bet he was:

Tweak Interior

Tweak, tweak, tweak…

Yes folks, he tacked every single one of those 1×2 pieces of scrap lumber onto the walls. But not only that, he did the soffits outside as well:

Tweak Soffit

And we actually left this, a worth reminder of such epic tweakage:

Tweak Shed

But this we had to get an electrician into change. Apparently, he had one light switch that would turn on the lights for the entire house. Oh yeah, and outlets on the soffit:
Tweek outlet

Meth is bad kids.


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