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2 thoughts on “Click to Download ‘An Economic Zeitgeist’

  1. Patrick Bruynoeghe says:

    Re.: An Economic Zeitgeist’
    Thanks foor the free book & for a very intersting site.
    The book is a very swift and “funny” read… Takes the load off having to explain some fundamental stuff that people in general would be interested in if only things were explained in plain language.
    Still there is the possibility that, now that citizens are confronted with the painfull everyday reality of the current economic and financial crisis, they will tend to extremist political views. As an age 55+ European my generation seems to be the last to have far recollections of how and why World War II “came about”. The current crisis has no comparison at all with what happened in the late 1920’ies and 1930’ies, at least not from a purely economic point of view. Politically and (most of all) psychologically however, hisstory is very comparable. But this lies outside the scope of “An Economic Zeitgeist’ – i.e. at first glance.
    People have been lured into this whole mess but they also should have been more vigilant about their “chosen” elites (let’s be honest: democracy has systematically been undermined from the late 1800’s on… After WW II partly because they were given the freedow to vote or not to vote) and more critical about their own behavior. “Apathy” is one way of analyzing things psychologically, “greed” is another, and “fear”, “uncertainty”,… But “not knowing” seems no excuse to me. “Wir haben es nicht gewüsst”? No way. We did know but didn’t do anything.
    And we do know about what happens in Third World Countries and where the Emerging Economies (BRIS’s) get their growth from. We do know but don’t do what needs to be done.
    We’re all guilty…
    Readers of “An Economic Zeitgeist” should entice their friends, collegues, families to awaken from the lethargy that they may already have slipped into, a lethargy that millions upon millions are dying from. They should break through the walls of frustration and powerlessness that keep them subdued.
    Therefore “An Economic Zeitgeist” should be followed by a “Zeitgeist Expanded”.



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